Matching Your Job to Your Personality

Finding a job that matches your personality is often a key to job satisfaction. When there’s alignment, the nature of the role and the general environment typically feel comfortable since they match your preferences and natural tendencies. In many cases, figuring out which positions work best for your personality seems tricky at first, particularly if […]

6 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Job Hunt

Hunting for a new job is time-consuming and often emotionally and mentally taxing. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make the process less intimidating and easier to manage. Here are six tips for making the most out of your job search. 1. Create a Job Search Schedule Having a schedule that outlines when […]

The Job Seekers Guide to Resolutions

When the new year is on the horizon, most professionals reflect on their career goals. In an attempt to make their dreams a reality, many pros commit to a few resolutions.   However, not all job seekers know which resolutions will guide them toward success. If you aren’t sure, here are a few new year’s resolutions that can […]

The Power of Networking (part 2 – references)

When managing a job search, most professionals focus their energies in a few key areas. They may dedicate themselves to the hunt and spend hours honing their resume. While those activities are essential, it’s vital not to neglect other aspects of the process, including your references.   Your professional references can mean the difference between landing […]

“What Is Your Greatest Weakness”

One of the most daunting questions professionals face during an interview is, “What is your greatest weakness?” Often, it feels a bit like a trap, as admitting to one’s shortcomings could cause them to miss out on the job.   However, if you answer it properly, your response to “What is your greatest weakness?” can put […]