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Matching Your Job to Your Personality

Finding a job that matches your personality is often a key to job satisfaction. When there’s alignment, the nature of the role and the general environment typically feel comfortable since they match your preferences and natural tendencies.

In many cases, figuring out which positions work best for your personality seems tricky at first, particularly if you haven’t experienced the roles firsthand. However, by taking a moment to reflect on what you prefer, it’s far easier. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to find a job that matches your personality.

Are You Introverted or Extroverted?

Understanding whether you have tendencies toward introversion or extroversion makes finding a job that matches your personality easier. Introverted people often prefer independent work that involves limited or controlled interaction with others. As a result, they may enjoy working as accountants, coders, graphic designers, editors, paralegals, data scientists, or in similar positions.

For extroverted individuals, interaction with others is energizing. As a result, highly-collaborative or public-facing positions are potentially better fits, allowing them more chances to engage with colleagues or customers. Customer service, sales, marketing, teaching, event planning, recruitment, and similar fields are, therefore, potential matches.

When Are You Most Motivated and Energetic?

Every person has a unique rhythm when it comes to their energy levels and sense of motivation. Some individuals are raring to go first thing in the morning, while others reach peak performance in the afternoon, evening, or night.

By understanding how your energy and motivation ebb and flow, you can find jobs that align with your unique pattern. Morning people may prefer traditional day shifts, while those who see their energy and motivation rise later in the day might match better with second or third-shift jobs.

How your motivation and energy shift could also let you know what type of workplace is a stronger match. For example, if a team tends to handle collaborative efforts in the afternoon, ensuring you have the needed energy for those interactions at the proper time is critical for job satisfaction. Ultimately, keeping that in mind can help you ask the right questions during interviews, making it easier to find the correct fit.

Do You Prefer Stationary or Active Work?

How much you want to move during the day can help you determine what careers can meet your needs. Some people are content to remain relatively stationary, which generally aligns with many office roles and specific manufacturing positions, like assembly. For individuals who need to move to burn off excess energy, choosing a job that lets you shift between workstations or different types of physical tasks is potentially essential, which could make an array of manufacturing or laboratory positions a better choice.

Are You Process-Driven?

For some people, having a set process to follow for each task they handle is highly preferred. It gives a job a clear structure, allowing them to embrace patterns that lead to success. However, others may find work of that nature overly rigid, instead favoring jobs that offer autonomy and that have space for creativity.

By knowing which of those you prefer, you’ll have an easier time finding a job that matches your personality. If you’re process-driven, manufacturing, scientific, accounting, or similar fields are possibly a strong fit, while creative types may favor marketing, graphic design, copywriting, and other roles of that nature.

Ultimately, you can match your job to your personality by understanding your preferences.

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