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6 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Job Hunt

Hunting for a new job is time-consuming and often emotionally and mentally taxing. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make the process less intimidating and easier to manage. Here are six tips for making the most out of your job search.

1. Create a Job Search Schedule

Having a schedule that outlines when you’ll focus on your job search is beneficial. Along with formally allocating time, it lets you set limits to ensure you don’t overburden yourself. Plus, you can plan for different activities, such as reviewing listings, following up on applications, and more. Essentially, your schedule keeps you organized, reducing the odds that critical steps fall through the cracks.

2. Take Advantage of Job Alerts

When you conduct searches on job boards, you often have a chance to turn them into the parameters for job alerts. By doing so, you’ll get an email, text message, or push notification when new opportunities that align with the criteria are posted. That makes your job search far less manual. Additionally, it helps you ensure you’re one of the first applicants, which may increase your odds of success.

Ideally, you want to set up job alerts on several sites. It’s also wise to create a few different ones on every platform. That lets you target a wider array of keywords without making any particular one overly narrow.

3. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

One of the more time-consuming parts of job hunting is targeting your resume for each job you find. Since that’s the case, you want to make sure any time spent is worthwhile.

When you’re exploring open positions, focus on quality over quantity. You need to ensure you’re a great fit for the role and that the job is something you’d actually want to land. By doing that, you aren’t wasting time on applications for positions you don’t qualify for or wouldn’t bring you reasonable job satisfaction.

4. Keep Accurate Logs

As you apply to positions, keep accurate logs of your activities. Creating a spreadsheet that includes the job title, company name, date submitted, closing date (if applicable), and a link to the job listing helps you stay organized. Plus, it gives you a spot to track your follow-up activities, ensuring you reach out at the right times without going overboard.

5. Tap Your Network

Tapping your network during a job search lets you access unadvertised opportunities and secure referrals. Essentially, you end up with allies who will reach out if they come across a suitable match, and some may even submit your resume directly to the hiring manager.

Just make sure your approach is strategic, particularly if you want to keep your job-hunting activities confidential. Only reach out to contacts you can trust to maintain your privacy if you need to ensure word doesn’t travel back to your current employer.

6. Partner with a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter doesn’t just streamline your job search and improve the quality of your matches; it also saves you time and energy. Your recruiter will review your resume and learn about your professional goals, allowing them to find opportunities that align with your capabilities and preferences. Plus, they’ll assist with resume refining and interview preparation, ensuring you impress hiring managers.

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