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The Downfalls of Inflating Your Job Experience

Many candidates believe that slight exaggerations on their resumes aren’t a big deal. Some justify it by thinking that other job seekers are inflating their job experience, so not doing it would mean falling behind the competition. Others exaggerate their capabilities or job titles because they feel they’re a strong candidate for the new role even if they don’t fully qualify based on the requirements, so they adjust their resumes to look like a great fit.

The problem is that this type of dishonesty comes with some significant pitfalls. Here are some of the downfalls of inflating your job experience.

Dishonesty Costing You the Job

Any dishonesty on your resume can potentially cost you the job. Hiring managers perform checks diligently to verify your experience, skills, education, and credentials. As a result, most will discover any falsehoods that are present in your application.

When a hiring manager discovers that a candidate was dishonest, you usually can’t explain your way out of the decision. Instead, most hiring managers will remove applicants from contention for dishonesty, ensuring you won’t end up with an offer.

Even if you got an offer, a hiring manager might rescind it if they learned you inflated your experience. If you’ve already started working in the new role, you might be terminated when the truth comes out.

Getting a Job That You Can’t Handle

When you inflate your job experience, there are potential consequences even if your lies aren’t discovered during the hiring process. Once you begin in the role, if you don’t genuinely have the skills needed to handle the duties, your poor performance is a clear sign that you misrepresented yourself.

After your manager realizes you aren’t appropriately capable, there are several paths they may take. Depending on how far you fall short or the overall impact of your poor performance, an immediate termination could occur. Alternatively, you might face reprimands and have negative performance reviews, both of which harm your reputation at the company and limit your opportunities for advancement.

Tarnishing Your Reputation

Regardless of whether you’re terminated, inflating your job experience on your resume tarnishes your reputation. Your manager or interviewer knows you weren’t sincere, and that will make them suspicious of you, potentially over the long term.

Additionally, hiring managers have their own professional networks. If they learn that you were lying during the hiring process, many will ensure that the entire company is aware of your dishonesty, making you ineligible for any other positions at the company. They might also discuss the matter with colleagues at other organizations, causing them to remove you from contention if you apply for jobs at their organizations.

You Can Benefit From Working With a Recruiter

Fortunately, you don’t have to inflate your job experience to qualify for an outstanding career-boosting opportunity. By partnering with a recruiter, you can find right-fit positions quickly, all while receiving guidance and support along the way. If you’re ready to experience the difference a recruiter can make, Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.