Outdated Resume Tips That May Negatively Affect Your Application

The job market is a continuously evolving space, and hiring manager expectations shift regularly. As a result, if you’re relying on outdated resume tips, it can negatively affect your application. When your resume seems antiquated, it makes you seem behind the times. Plus, it could give clues about your age. While age discrimination isn’t legal, […]

Why You Should Return a Recruiters Call

Many candidates engage with recruiters. At times, they connect with a recruiter as part of a job search. However, recruiters may also reach out when you aren’t actively looking for positions if they see an opportunity that’s an exceptional fit for your capabilities. In either case, some candidates debate whether to return a recruiter’s call […]

Is There a “Best” Resume Format?

Whether you’re applying for work through pharmaceutical job placement agencies or on your own, having a standout resume is essential. In most cases, how you put your resume together matters. By choosing the right format, you increase your odds of making a stellar impression. If you’re wondering whether any resume format is best, here’s what […]

When Should You Update Your Resume?

When it comes to updating a resume, most professionals don’t give it much thought until they are preparing to launch a job search. Often, this seems like a reasonable approach. This is mainly because if you aren’t seeking out new opportunities, your resume isn’t going to be seen by a hiring manager. However, waiting to […]