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Why You Should Return a Recruiters Call

Many candidates engage with recruiters. At times, they connect with a recruiter as part of a job search. However, recruiters may also reach out when you aren’t actively looking for positions if they see an opportunity that’s an exceptional fit for your capabilities.

In either case, some candidates debate whether to return a recruiter’s call if they aren’t interested in the presented role. While not calling back is an easy way to avoid a conversation that may seem uncomfortable on the surface, not returning the call is never a wise move. If you’re working with IT recruiters in NJ or are contacted when you’re not seeking out opportunities, here’s why calling back is the best choice.

Forging a Strong Connection with a Job Search Ally

Regardless of whether you’re interested in the role – or even actively looking for a new job – returning a recruiter’s call creates an opportunity. You can start forging a strong connection with a job search ally, allowing you to build a relationship that can become a critical part of your professional network.

Recruiters are exceptional resources for professionals. They’re aware of the current state of the job market, have insights (and connections with) leading employers, know the going rates for various skill sets, and more. By building this relationship, you can get answers to questions in those areas with ease, which benefits your career.

Plus, recruiters remember candidates that are polite and professional. Calling back shows that you respect their time and want to let them know you’re not interested in moving forward with that particular job. Then, they’ll find out a bit more about what you don’t want, which is helpful down the line.

Focusing the Recruiter in the Right Direction

Returning a recruiter’s call, even if you aren’t interested in the presented position, lets you give the recruiter insights that can lead to better matches in the future. Even if you’re happy in your current role, if it isn’t your dream job, you can tell the recruiter what it would take for you to leave. Then, the recruiter can keep an eye out for positions that align with your needs and preferences.

Helping Out a Member of Your Network

Even if a recruiter presents a job that isn’t right for you, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit a member of your network. Since assisting others can strengthen critical relationships, calling the recruiter back to gather more details and letting them know you may know someone else who would be interested is wise. Along with helping the recruiter secure the right talent – which they’ll remember and appreciate – you can boost the career of one of your connections, leading to a stronger connection.

Landing Your Dream Job

In many cases, recruiters won’t provide all of the details about a potential opportunity in a voicemail. As a result, some candidates make assumptions about the viability of the position, causing them to potentially turn down their dream job.

By calling a recruiter back, you can get more information before making a decision not to move forward. It prevents you from missing out on a position that is more than it initially appeared to be based on the voicemail alone.

Looking For Your Next Career Opportunity?

Ultimately, by returning a recruiter’s call, you only stand to gain. If you’re interested in connecting with IT recruiters in NJ, Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.