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When Should You Update Your Resume?

When it comes to updating a resume, most professionals don’t give it much thought until they are preparing to launch a job search. Often, this seems like a reasonable approach. This is mainly because if you aren’t seeking out new opportunities, your resume isn’t going to be seen by a hiring manager.

However, waiting to update your resume until you’re looking for a new position isn’t a smart move. There can be consequences for delaying, especially if your time between updates is long.

Even if you aren’t actively looking for jobs for chemists in NJ, it’s wise to give your resume a once over frequently. If you are wondering why, as well as how often you should make changes, here’s what you need to know.

Why You Need to Update Your Resume Regularly (Even If You Aren’t Planning a Job Search)

If you don’t update your resume frequently, your odds of getting the details wrong when you want to launch a job search are higher. Typically, professionals only have vague notions about their work history after certain events pass. For example, you may not remember the specifics of a relevant achievement or forget the exact date you began in a role.

By waiting to update your resume until you’re preparing for a job search, it’s more likely that you’ll include inaccurate information by mistake. Falsified information – even when unintentional – can hinder your job hunt. If a hiring manager notices the discrepancy, they may assume that outright dishonesty was involved. Should that occur, you may be unceremoniously removed from contention.

If you, instead, update your resume regularly, you can add critical details while they are still fresh in your mind. Not only does this prevent oversights, but it also increases accuracy. That way, you’re less likely to make a mistake that could later cost you an opportunity.

When You Should Update Your Resume (and What Information You Need to Cover)

Ideally, you should update your resume whenever something relevant to your career occurs. This includes the starting and ending of a particular job and the acquisition of new skills and the occurrence of a relevant achievement. This ensures that you can list the related facts and figures accurately and track your professional growth and development.

However, it’s also wise to update your resume at least annually so that you can adjust the content to reflect new trends. Hiring manager expectations regarding resumes shift over time. For instance, while the resume objective was once a preferred component, that has since fallen by the wayside. Instead, professional summaries are the favored option, as hiring managers view them as more informative.

If you make trend-related changes yearly and update your resume’s content whenever a notable event occurs, you’re always ready for your next job search. Plus, you’ll be able to guarantee that the details are accurate, ensuring your resume is an honest reflection of your skills, experience, and capabilities.

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