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Check Your Ego at The Door

Whether you landed your new job by partnering with pharma recruitment consultants or managing the search on your own, you likely feel pretty confident about your capabilities. After all, you received an offer and are beginning in a career-boosting role. So you obviously bring something valuable to the table.

At times, these feelings of confidence make it seem like you need to assert your expertise or work your ideas into every conversation. However, letting your ego dictate how you approach your new position isn’t ideal. And it can even derail your career.

You want to make sure that you can check your ego at the door and make the most of this job opportunity. There are ways to do it. With that in mind. Here is a look at some common mistakes. As well as tips that can ensure your work speaks for itself.

Avoid “My Way Is Better” Thinking

Many professionals come into a new workplace with significant amounts of past experience, education, and training. Usually, there are also a few work-related habits in tow, some of which may have served you well in the past.

If that’s the case, you might be tempted to explain – at times, at length – why your approach outshines this workplace’s current procedures. You may believe that you’re being helpful. However, that usually isn’t how you’ll be received.

Trying to initiate major change soon after your arrival isn’t a smart move. You haven’t spent time learning the ins and out of the company’s existing procedures, as well as why those processes are in place. Odds are high that you lack a crucial piece of information that may alter your perspective.

If you want to make a positive impact, focus on learning about your new employer’s procedures. Find out why they do things the way they do and strive to put their practices into action. That way, you’re not just acclimating to the environment; you’re showing respect. Then, if it genuinely turns out that your past strategies could be beneficial, you can present them in a fact-based manner after you’ve cemented your place in the team.

Ignoring Negative Feedback

Negative feedback can be hard to hear, particularly if you let your ego take the reins. At times, if overconfidence has become the name of your game, you may assume that what you’re being told isn’t fair, accurate, or reasonable. Then, you decide to ignore any constructive criticism and continue with your preferred methods.

However, by ignoring negative feedback, you aren’t setting yourself up for success. Instead, you’re positioning yourself as difficult, stubborn, and unwilling to learn or change. Ultimately, you are making it nearly impossible to exceed expectations, and that can hinder your career.

Instead, take all feedback for what it is, an opportunity for growth and development. Welcome it with open arms by asking questions that provide you with further understanding regarding the person’s perspective. Find out why they are making various recommendations for improvement, including why they believe those adjustments will benefit you and the company.

By doing so, you’ll come across as open-minded and success-driven, which works in your favor. Plus, you may discover that the negative feedback was entirely justified and is actually designed to ensure your long-term success.

Find a new Consulting Role That Furthers Your Career

Ultimately, checking your ego at the door is a smart move when you’re starting a new job. If you’d like to learn more about how you can succeed in a new role, Alpha Consulting’s team can help. Contact us today.