Etiquette Guidelines for Business Gatherings

With the holidays on the horizon, many admin professionals are getting ready to attend a company gathering. While this isn’t the only time when administrative employees may participate in business events with social components, it’s a critical moment. Ensuring you understand the unspoken rules, general guidelines, and gathering etiquette is essential to make a good […]

Top Qualifications for an Administrative Assistant

Choosing a career path is often daunting, particularly if you don’t know whether you have the right qualifications for the role. Ultimately, becoming an administrative assistant can serve as the basis for a strong career. Whether you rise through the ranks and secure higher-level positions or take what you learn to secure a job in […]

6 Easy Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Workspace

Clutter is distracting, particularly when a lack of organization makes it difficult to find things you need. You’ll waste time digging through paperwork piles or drawers, harming your overall productivity. Plus, it makes your environment feel more stressful, which isn’t ideal. Fortunately, getting your work area in order doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here […]