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Etiquette Guidelines for Business Gatherings

With the holidays on the horizon, many admin professionals are getting ready to attend a company gathering. While this isn’t the only time when administrative employees may participate in business events with social components, it’s a critical moment. Ensuring you understand the unspoken rules, general guidelines, and gathering etiquette is essential to make a good impression.

Whether you’re currently employed or looking for administrative office work in NJ and simply want to prepare, here are some etiquette guidelines for business gatherings and social networking events.

Attend Whenever Possible and Fully Participate

Barring if you have plans that you legitimately cannot change or specific genuine emergencies, it’s always best to attend business gatherings. These events help you bond with colleagues, network with other employees, and spend time boosting critical relationships.

Fully participating in any activities occurring during the gathering is also wise. That positions you as a team player with a positive attitude, which works in your favor. Plus, it makes the occasion more fun in many cases.

Prep Your Guests Before the Gathering

If you’re able to bring a guest to an office gathering or networking event, prepare them in advance as much as possible. Remind them that their actions reflect on you, and give them an overview of the company’s culture, the general vibe of these types of events, any topics to avoid, and similar details. Also, provide shortened bios for key people they may meet, giving them a little familiarity.

Extend Your Network Strategically

A business gathering is a chance to speak with colleagues or attendees you otherwise don’t spend much time with, making it an excellent networking opportunity. Make sure to branch out and chat with others in attendance who aren’t currently in your circle. Forging bonds with professionals who aren’t in your department or part of your team can give you critical in-roads, so it’s a wise move.

Dress Appropriately Based on the Occasion and Your Workplace

While you might not have to wear the same attire you would to the office, you do need to make sure your outfit is appropriate based on the occasion and the level of formality at your workplace. When in doubt, lean slightly conservative, avoiding clothing that’s overly short, tight, or revealing.

Avoid Overindulgence

An office gathering may include both food and drink, which may include alcoholic beverages. When you attend, make sure you don’t overindulge in any category. Enjoying more than one or two drinks could lead to an embarrassing situation. While having some food to stay fueled and comfortable is acceptable, overeating may make an odd impression. As a result, it’s better to pace yourself and be aware of your consumption during the event.

Be Cautious of Flirting, Gossip, and Other Potentially Damaging Conversation

While an office gathering is a social event, you still need to act professionally. Avoid conversations that may harm your reputation, including those that involve flirting, gossiping, complaining about work, controversial politics, or similar topics.

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By following the tips above, your etiquette will be on point. Alpha Consulting has administrative contract jobs across the nation; if you need help finding work, Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.