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Potential Career Path After Working the Help Desk (Or Other Entry-Level IT Position)

Many professionals who launch tech careers through a Tampa, FL, IT employment agency or on their own begin as help desk professionals. These and similar entry-level IT positions are excellent foundations, allowing those new to the field to acquire critical skills and additional tech expertise.

Additionally, working the help desk is a potential springboard. After gaining experience, many IT pros move on to new roles in exciting specialties, leading to engaging, stable, and lucrative careers. If you’re wondering where you can go after spending time as a help desk specialist, here are some potential career paths to consider.

Help Desk Management

The most logical step forward for help desk professionals is to continue in this niche and ultimately move into help desk management. Often, this begins by securing a supervisory role, allowing you to oversee a team and participate in operational decision-making activities. After that, you can continue advancing, making your way up to a help desk manager position.

With this approach, the educational requirements are traditionally lower. Typically, on-the-job training and targeted certifications are enough to qualify you for these higher-level roles, especially if there are internal opportunities where you can also leverage your experience and reputation with greater ease.

At times, you may even be able to keep advancing. Going from the help desk to a CTO role is entirely possible, so keep that in mind.

Systems and Network Administration

In many cases, shifting into systems and network administration roles is a natural transition after working at an IT help desk. Often, help desk specialists do assist with systems and network troubleshooting, which can give them a necessary foundation. Additionally, on-the-job training may be available to support the move, or professionals can explore new credentials that focus on these arenas to take the next step.

Focusing on cloud administration can also be wise. Cloud adoption rates are climbing, and many companies need specific expertise to ensure this critical part of their network architecture is well-designed and properly implemented.


At times, cybersecurity is a far larger part of a help desk specialist’s position than many entry-level professionals expect. Troubleshooting devices that are infected with malware isn’t uncommon. Additionally, the help desk may review data regarding suspicious emails or offer guidance to employees who believe they were targeted by phishing attacks or similar hacks.

As a result, moving into cybersecurity could be a reasonably smooth transition. Demand for these skills is high, and you may be able to hone relevant skills on-the-job or through company-provided training or mentorship. However, you can also take targeted coursework to secure related certifications on your own to make yourself a stronger candidate.

Advance Your IT Career With Alpha Consulting

Ultimately, each of the career paths above is viable for help desk professionals. If you’d like to learn more or want to explore career-boosting opportunities through a Tampa, FL, IT employment agency, Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.