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6 Easy Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Workspace

Clutter is distracting, particularly when a lack of organization makes it difficult to find things you need. You’ll waste time digging through paperwork piles or drawers, harming your overall productivity. Plus, it makes your environment feel more stressful, which isn’t ideal.

Fortunately, getting your work area in order doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are six easy ways to declutter and organize your workspace.

1. Start Small

If you have a highly disorganized workspace, figuring out where to begin is one of the biggest challenges. However, the task can feel more manageable if you start small and break up the work into manageable chunks.

One way to begin is by focusing on one part of your workspace at a time. Choosing a single drawer, one section of a desk, or one shelf as a starting point allows you to focus on a relatively small task. Then, once it’s complete, you can move on to another area.

Another option is to organize one type of item at a time. For instance, you could gather up all of your paperwork and tackle it. Next, move on to office supplies like pens and highlighters. Again, this makes the process less overwhelming, which is beneficial.

2. Discard Unneeded Items

As you organize a space, discard anything you no longer need. In some cases, the simplest way to proceed is to grab a box or two and sort items you don’t want to keep. With a two-box approach, you can separate trash from recycling, which may be ideal if you have items in both categories.

3. Prioritize Based on Use

When you’re trying to decide what to keep out on your workstation and what should be put away in drawers or on shelves, consider how often you use the item. If it’s something you’re reaching for daily, then see if there is a spot on your desk that can become its new home. Then, pick it up when you need it and return it to the designated place when you’re done.

For items you use less often, see if you can stash them in a drawer, on a shelf, or in a closet. They’re still nearby, but they aren’t taking up space on your workstation unnecessarily.

4. Digitize Paperwork

Unless you have a specific need to keep paper copies of documents, consider going digital. With a small desk scanner, you can convert paperwork into digital files, allowing you to get rid of papers that are cluttering your workspace or drawers. In some cases, you can even use a smartphone app to do the job.

As you digitize your paperwork, create a simple naming system to make the records highly searchable. Additionally, use a multi-folder system to keep like documents together. That makes everything easier to find when you need the documents to handle work tasks.

5. Embrace Cable Management

Cables can feel like clutter, even if they’re a necessity. If the cables are dangling or draping in multiple directions, some cable management can create a cleaner look. Find Velcro straps or zip ties to keep cables together and tucked out of the way.

Also, consider labeling your cables. Wraparound labels let you know which cable belongs to what, making it easier to figure out which one you need to pull if you need to unplug it for any reason.

6. Bring in Organizational Items

There are a variety of products that can make staying organized easier. Shelves, drawer organizers, containers, and file racks are all examples. By having the right tools available, everything can have a clear place to go, making it easier to turn organization into a habit.

Now That You Have An Organized Workspace, How About A Neat New Job?

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