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Ways to Elevate Your Career

The midway point of 2023 is here, making it an excellent time for professionals to evaluate their career goals and see if they’re on the right trajectory. If you haven’t experienced much career growth this year, there’s still plenty of time to shift your approach. From making the right connections to working with a recruiter to exploring career-enhancing temp jobs, you have options. Here’s a closer look at ways to elevate your career this year.

How to Advance Your Career Before the End of the Year

Network with Mature Professionals

Networking is frequently touted as a go-to method for advancing your career. As you curate your network, make sure you’re connecting with mature professionals in your field.

People who are nearing the end of their careers have a wealth of knowledge. They can help you determine where best to focus your energy to develop professionally in a meaningful way. Plus, they’re often happy to share their expertise with the next generation as they prepare to leave the workforce, and that can give you an advantage.

Connect with Newly Minted Professionals

Newly minted professionals have a different perspective on your industry, as they’re viewing it with fresh eyes. Plus, they’re often well aware of what’s on the horizon, particularly when it comes to technology trends that may impact your sector. By connecting with them, you can identify opportunities, allowing you to determine which skills to target when you next expand your skillset.

Additionally, the optimism that many younger professionals have about their careers can brighten your mood. It may even remind you why you found your field so intriguing, and that can shift your mindset. In turn, you’ll become a more positive professional, something that can elevate your reputation, boost your performance, and ultimately increase your access to opportunities.

Update Your Elevator Pitch

Having a strong elevator pitch is an excellent way to open various career-boosting doors. However, you need to update the content and curate several pitches to ensure you’re ready for any situation.

Essentially, you need several versions of your elevator pitch, with each one speaking to a different audience. For example, one may target hiring managers with explicit knowledge of your field, while others may focus on company leaders or other valuable contacts with a less nuanced understanding of your niche.

By ensuring you’re ready to showcase your value regardless of whether the listener is well-versed in your area or not, it’s easier to capitalize on opportunities as they arise. In turn, you’ll build stronger relationships with a wider variety of professionals, giving you more leverage when it’s time to take your career in a new direction.

Work with a Recruiter

When you partner with a recruiter, you get an ally who can help you access career-boosting opportunities. With contact roles, you can gain valuable experience, enhance your skillset, and connect with more leading employers, allowing you to expand your network.

Plus, your recruiter will make your needs and preferences priorities. That ensures that every presented opportunity provides you with ample value, making it easier to keep your career moving forward at a quick pace.

Looking to Further Advance Your Career? Alpha Can Help!

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