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Are Resume Writers Worth It?

When you’re looking for a career-boosting position through pharma placement agencies or on your own, having a well-developed resume is crucial. Since resume writing isn’t an activity that many professionals undertake regularly, the idea of turning to professional resume writers often seems appealing.

However, resume writers are potentially expensive, so it’s normal to wonder if you get enough value to justify the cost. Additionally, you may find yourself asking whether you could do a similarly good job yourself. Before you hire a resume writer, here’s what you need to know.

Are Resume Writers Worth It?

Whether hiring a resume writer is worthwhile depends on several factors. When it comes to potential benefits, resume writers are often aware of relevant recruitment trends, allowing them to create resumes that align with what’s expected. They may also know how to optimize a resume for online submission, and they’re writing skills are typically top-notch.

However, when you hire a resume writer, the focus on trends or industry norms could make your resume seem generic. Additionally, resume writers won’t customize your resume for every position you’re considering, so you’ll need to target the content to the role yourself, diminishing the overall value.

When you use a resume writer, the end result won’t align with your personality either. That can cause a disconnect when the hiring manager meets you for the first time. Your resume may also seem to lack character, as a resume writer may use a more straightforward approach to ensure the result is acceptable to nearly anyone.

With resume writing services, getting what you pay for is typical, too. If you go with a low-cost provider, you may find yourself unimpressed with the results. Often, there’s little recourse in that case, particularly if what was delivered is technically a resume.

Try Free Resume Builders Instead

If you’re concerned about the cost of using a resume writer or want to ensure that your application reflects your personality, using a free resume builder is a solid alternative. With an online template, you can make sure that your resume uses a format that meets hiring managers’ expectations. Plus, it can speed up the writing process, and you can modify the content as needed to target your resume to any position.

There are many reputable free resume builders online that work well for most pharma candidates. Some examples include:

Each of the resume builders above has unique feature sets and capabilities. As a result, it’s wise to explore several options – including trying them out firsthand – to see which delivers the best overall result.

Just make sure to use a resume writing best practices along the way, including limiting the use of graphic elements that an applicant tracking system (ATS) can’t read, leaving enough whitespace for comfortable skimming, and saving the document in a widely accepted format, such as a Word Doc or PDF.

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Ultimately, whether a resume writer is worth it does depend on your situation, so consider going with a free resume builder if you aren’t convinced the investment is worthwhile. If you’re ready to find new positions through pharma placement agencies, Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.