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Remote Work Skills to Highlight on Your Resume to Stand Out

Many professionals prefer remote work. The pandemic showed that it’s possible to remain productive even when outside of a traditional workplace. Plus, for some, it offers better work-life balance.

If you have your sights set on remote work, showing hiring managers that you can thrive in that type of role is essential. That’s especially true since competition for some remote jobs is fierce, so you’ll need to set yourself apart to move forward in the hiring process.

Generally, highlighting certain skills could be the path toward a remote job. If you want to find a remote position, here are the skills to showcase.

Remote Work Technologies

Regardless of your field, remote jobs usually involve specific telecommuting technologies. That can include remote connection software, VPNs, softphones, mobile devices, and other similar tech.

By highlighting your experience with remote work technologies, you can show you’re capable of using them effectively. Along with mentioning those most required for the role in your skills section, mentioning how they played a role in impressive achievements can be a wise move. It shows that not only are you familiar with the technologies but that you can use them to ensure success.

Collaboration Software

With remote positions, collaboration software is commonly part of the equation. It will be your primary way of communicating with managers and teammates, so showing that you’ve used leading platforms can work in your favor.

Along with mentioning platforms you’ve used by name, discuss the role of collaboration software in various accomplishments. For example, if you conducted remote training sessions or meetings, include the name of the application used when you do, as that clearly demonstrates that you have the skill.


When you’re working remotely, strong communication skills are essential. Often, you have to go the extra mile to ensure critical team members and your manager are informed about your efforts. Similarly, you may have to problem-solve solely through written communication collaboratively.

Highlight how strong communication helps you accomplish various goals or navigate challenges. Specifically mention instances involve written communication, as that’s often the bulk of what you’ll use in remote jobs.


Remote employees aren’t directly overseen by their managers in the same way. Your boss can’t just pop by your desk to make sure you’re on task; they have to simply trust that you’re being productive. By highlighting your self-motivation, it’s far easier to start building that trust immediately.

On your resume, mention tasks that you handled independently that required time management and organization. Discuss hitting deadlines along with ensuring high-quality results. Outline strategies you use to stay focused. By doing so, you’ll show the hiring manager that you can keep yourself productive, which can help you stand out from the pack.

Ultimately, highlighting the right skills on your resume makes a difference when you’re applying for remote jobs. If you’d like to learn more about how to create a standout resume or are searching for new remote work opportunities, the team at Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.