7 More Things That Hiring Managers Hate

When you’re looking for jobs for chemists in NJ or any other kind of position, avoiding certain missteps is essential. Hiring managers view specific mistakes as red flags, increasing the odds they’ll remove you from contention. Since that’s the case, even one error could be incredibly costly. By understanding what hiring managers dislike, you can […]

How to Apply for a Job You Might Be Overqualified For

Most professionals view their career as linear, a series of steps all heading in the same, forward direction. However, there are situations where taking a step back is worthwhile. It may let you pivot into a career that ignites your passion or get your foot in the door at an employer of choice. In any […]

Career Spotlight, Medical Technical Writer

The world of medicine is, in a word, complex. Not only can the terminology be challenging, but the format and content of various documents are often highly controlled, adding a level of difficulty. As a medical technical writer, you focus on creating thorough, accurate healthcare or scientific documents. If you’re interested in working with a […]

Spotlight on Data Architects

In today’s data-driven world, data architects are a critical part of any tech team. These professionals design blueprints to create, adjust, and maintain data management systems, ensuring companies can make the most of the information they have gathered. This can include integrating a multitude of data sources, organizing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, centralizing datastores, […]