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7 More Things That Hiring Managers Hate

When you’re looking for jobs for chemists in NJ or any other kind of position, avoiding certain missteps is essential. Hiring managers view specific mistakes as red flags, increasing the odds they’ll remove you from contention. Since that’s the case, even one error could be incredibly costly.

By understanding what hiring managers dislike, you can avoid potential issues. Here is a look at seven things hiring managers hate and why they despise them.

1. Listing the Wrong Kind of Email Address

Using an email address associated with your current employer is generally viewed as unprofessional. You’re showing that you’re willing to use work time and resources to seek out a new opportunity, which won’t be viewed kindly by prospective employers.

Similarly, inappropriate or immature email addresses make a poor impression. They make the hiring manager question your maturity and professionalism, which can potentially cost you the job.

2. Having Bad Breath or Body Odor

Spending an hour interviewing someone with bad breath or body odor is, in a word, unpleasant. It also makes it seem like you aren’t taking the opportunity seriously or may cause the hiring manager to doubt your level of self-awareness.

3. Ghosting and No-Call, No-Shows

Just as candidates get frustrated if a company doesn’t respond to a submitted resume, hiring managers hate it when job seekers disappear into thin air. Whether it’s not replying to emails or failing to show up for a scheduled interview, it comes across as disrespectful.

4. Discussing Religion

Certain topics are generally considered a no-go during a hiring process, and religion is one of them. People’s views on religion can differ greatly. Plus, unnecessarily bringing it up during an interview may cause the hiring manager to assume you’d do the same when engaging with customers, colleagues, or stakeholders, which isn’t typically ideal. As a result, unless you are interviewing for a role at a religious organization, it’s best to leave this aspect of your life private.

5. Exaggerated Credentials

Candidates may exaggerate their credentials in a variety of ways. One common option is listing education or certifications that are in progress but not complete. That often comes across as deceitful, making a poor impression.

Similarly, outright lying about credentials is another thing hiring managers hate. While candidates might assume it doesn’t matter, it often doesn’t. Hiring managers typically find out about the inaccurate information, either removing a candidate from contention or potentially firing a new hire over the lie.

6. Freezing During the Interview

While the occasional stumble during an interview isn’t likely to cause much harm, freezing up completely is a problem. It makes the candidate seem unprepared or incapable of handling stress, both of which work against them.

7. Dressing Inappropriately

Arriving at an interview wearing attire that isn’t suitable for work is a major red flag. It draws into question whether a candidate can act professionally or may bring their self-awareness into doubt, causing a hiring manager to pass them over.

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Ultimately, hiring managers hate all of the things above, so it’s essential to avoid them during your job search. If you’re looking for a role in the sciences, the staff at Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.