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Stuck in a Remote Work Cycle? Here’s Why You Should Get Back to the Office

At the start of the pandemic, many professionals found themselves suddenly working from home. The decision was primarily born of necessity, ensuring companies that weren’t authorized to open their worksites could maintain operations.

Initially, many professionals did their best to adapt, even if it was challenging. Over time, this occasionally resulted in the development of poor habits or negative work cycles, some of which could harm productivity or work quality.

Today, returning to the office is generally an option. If you’re stuck in a bad remote work cycle or routine, here’s why heading back to a formal workplace could be ideal.

The Challenges of Remote Work

Remote work comes with unique challenges you don’t typically experience with on-site roles. One of the most notable is issues with collaboration. Coordinating Zoom calls isn’t always easy, and remaining engaged can be difficult, particularly when surrounded by the distractions of home. Additionally, communicating primarily through online messaging platforms isn’t always conducive to a rapid back-and-forth, which can stymy innovation and hinder problem-solving.

Another challenge many professionals experience is decreased productivity. While some professionals thrive when they’re working largely autonomously, it isn’t the best fit for others. Some may have trouble eliminating distractions at home, and others may simply work best in a more energetic environment.

There’s also harm to work-life balance to consider. When your office is always just a few steps away, it’s easy to develop an always-on mentality. Plus, some managers altered their expectations knowing that workers were largely near their desks, putting additional pressure on employees to respond to emails or handle tasks, even after hours.

Finally, remote work can come with a sense of isolation. You don’t get the same casual interactions with coworkers that you experience in an office, such as chatting in the break room or when crossing paths in the halls. That can make remote work lonely, making it harder to maintain job satisfaction and harming morale.

Why Returning to the Office Is the Right Move

By returning to the office, professionals can get a sense of structure that isn’t always present with remote work. Their workdays start and end at a particular time, which can make it easier to remain productive during the day and disconnect when a shift is over.

The structure can also promote work-life balance. Most professionals aren’t as likely to develop an always-on mentality as their office isn’t located in their homes. Additionally, managers may have fewer expectations regarding completing tasks or returning emails after-hours, which can reduce stress.

In some cases, there are fewer distractions at work. While there may be basic office hustle-and-bustle, it is usually easier to navigate than interruptions from household members, pets, or activities happening right outside of a person’s home.

Finally, an office makes it easier to create and maintain a sense of comradery and to work collaboratively. Professionals get to interact with their coworkers face-to-face, having spur of the moment conversations that can help forge strong connections and innovate effectively.

Find an On-Site Contract Position Today

Ultimately, returning to the office could be the right choice for many. If you’re ready to find a job that isn’t remote, the team at Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.