Four Tips About Formatting When It Comes to Your Resume

When you’re preparing for a job search, ensuring your resume is on point is essential. An odd-looking resume may not be well-received, causing you to get overlooked by hiring managers. Similarly, some design choices could confuse automated resume screeners, leading to missed opportunities. Fortunately, getting the formatting right isn’t overly tricky. Here are four tips […]

Showcasing Organizational Skills on Your Resume

When you’re looking for research associate jobs in Seattle, highlighting your organizational skills is essential. Many scientific and technical positions rely heavily on organization to ensure projects move forward seamlessly. As a result, you need to make sure the hiring manager is fully aware of your capabilities in this area. Candidates often struggle to figure […]

Resume Keywords Employers Are Looking For

Separating yourself from other candidates is essential during a job search. One way to ensure your resume stands out is through the strategic use of keywords. With keywords, you can speak to a hiring manager’s needs in a concise way, ensuring they see the value you could provide. Figuring out which keywords to use can […]

How to Clean Up Your Resume

As the weather heats up, many people focus on spring cleaning. While it’s common to focus on your home, desk, or other physical spaces, polishing your resume is also a smart move. If you want to stand out when applying for positions through a technical writer employment agency or another resource, you’ll want to refresh […]

How to Write a Professional Summary for Your Resume

When you’re looking for IT contracting jobs, finding ways to stand out from the crowd is essential. By having a well-written professional summary on your resume, you can separate yourself from the competition. Plus, you give the hiring manager a clear indication of your suitability as a candidate, increasing the odds that they’ll keep reading. […]

What Personal Things Should You Include on Your Resume?

Figuring out what to include in your resume can be challenging. You want to make sure that you showcase aspects of your personality without divulging unnecessary personal details. At times, it can feel like a thin line to walk. Thankfully, you can get it right by using the proper strategy. If you’re trying to figure […]