Start the New Year with a Refined Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches are quick synopses of what you bring to the table as a professional. While they’re classically used while networking – allowing you to effectively introduce yourself to a new contact – elevator pitches also play a role in job interviews. In many cases, icebreaker interview questions like “Tell me about yourself” are the […]

How Hybrid Work Can Help Provide the Best Work-Life Balance

Today, an increasing number of professionals are enjoying the benefits of hybrid work. In many ways, the arrangements are a logical transition from the remote-only model many companies had to embrace during the pandemic. It allows employees to work from home part-time and spend the rest of the workweek in a formal office. Often, the […]

Project Manager vs. Project Coordinator

When you’re exploring job opportunities through an employment agency in NJ, you may come across job titles that seem highly similar. However, the nuances of the roles can vary, at times significantly. If you’re trying to figure out the differences between project manager vs. project coordinator, here’s what you need to know. What Is a […]

Career Spotlight: Project Coordinator

For many professionals, the idea of becoming a project coordinator is exciting. The role is incredibly engaging and allows you to have a sense of ownership over critical project-related tasks. Plus, you get to work closely with a project manager, increasing your visibility while acquiring skills that could help you take your career to the […]

Why Work with a Recruiter

REcruiter meeting with a candidate

When you’re want to launch a job search, the road ahead can seem daunting. Scouring job boards, refreshing your resume, and communicating with your network can be time-consuming undertakings. Additionally, the journey to a new opportunity can often be long and, at times, frustrating. You may not hear back from hiring managers after you apply, or could […]