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Project Manager vs. Project Coordinator

When you’re exploring job opportunities through an employment agency in NJ, you may come across job titles that seem highly similar. However, the nuances of the roles can vary, at times significantly. If you’re trying to figure out the differences between project manager vs. project coordinator, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Project Manager?

Project managers typically oversee the entirety of a project. Along with tackling requirements gathering, planning, and execution, they usually watch over the work of diverse teams. They’ll explore the big picture to identify each step between where the project is and what it needs to achieve to be considered a success. Additionally, project managers handle task scheduling to ensure deliverables are finished on time, touching base with project members regularly to ensure they’re on target. Plus, they’ll track the budget, handle change requests, and delegate responsibilities as needed.

In most cases, project managers are broadly responsible for project outcomes. It’s their duty to ensure it runs smoothly and that the client, company, or stakeholders are pleased with the results. As a result, they’ll have involvement in every part of the project, reviewing all completed work and making adjustments to ensure a positive outcome.

What Is a Project Coordinator?

Project coordinators also help coordinate the activities occurring with a project team. They may gather information and provide oversight, ensuring everything moves in the correct direction. Eliminating hurdles and working to provide team members with all they need to succeed is also a common part of the role.

As a project coordinator, organization is a big part of the equation, as well. They’ll communicate with team members regarding upcoming deadlines, setting timelines to make sure that the right pieces come together at the proper moments. They’ll also relay information to decision-makers as needed, ensuring any requested changes or adjustments are considered along the way.

The Main Differences Between Project Managers and Project Coordinators

Usually, the biggest difference between project managers and project coordinators is that the latter typically report to the former. Essentially, project coordinators handle specific minutia relating to a project on behalf of project managers, allowing the project manager to remain focused on the broader picture.

Additionally, project managers have more oversight and decision-making authority than project coordinators. Project coordinators are usually in a more administrative function instead of a leadership one, even though they often provide support and guidance to team members.

In many cases, the project coordinator role is an excellent precursor to a career as a project manager. It’s an exceptional opportunity to enter into the field, allowing them to hone critical skills while directly observing and assisting a project manager. As a result, they often learn what it takes to thrive in the higher level position, allowing them to transition into the job later with greater ease.

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