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Hot Contract Jobs in California!

Whether you’re looking for new opportunities through employment agencies for scientists or on your own, finding the right option quickly is typically the goal. Fortunately, some fantastic positions are available in California, making it easy to find the right-fit role that will take your career to the next level.

While your professional background, education, skills, and goals determine which jobs are the best options for your career, exploring what’s out there can be a wise move. That way, you can seize opportunities that are available now or, if you’re ready for a career change, see what paths may be smart to pursue. With that in mind, here’s a look at hot jobs in California.

Associate Research Scientist – San Diego

If you’re interested in a pharmacology/oncology role, this associate research scientist position could be an exceptional fit. It’s a traditional Monday through Friday day shift position, though weekend shifts or overtime may be necessary on occasion. In the role, you’ll work closely with senior scientists to design and execute studies.

Qualifying for this position requires a mix of education and experience. A Bachelor’s degree in a related field – such as Cell Biology, Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology, or Immunology – and four years of relevant experience is one option. Those with a Master’s degree only need two years of related experience.

When it comes to the experience, time spent evaluating small molecules and biologics in oncology in vivo models is essential, along with oncology animal experience. The same goes for proficiency in animal handling, blood sampling, dosing, tissue harvesting, and other similar skills.

Certified Medical Assistant – San Francisco

If you’re a certified medical assistant or licensed vocational nurse with at least two years of experience in a clinical environment, this certified medical assistant job could be a great match. Under the supervision of an occupational health nurse, you’ll support a medical surveillance program. Along with scheduling examinations, you’ll review results for completeness, assist with return-to-work clearances, and more.

The role also involves data collection and data entry, ensuring all related programs are supported. Charting is another part of the role, as well as communicating as needed with various involved parties.

As a short-term position, it’s an excellent opportunity to build new skills, expand your experience, and support a critical program. Plus, the compensation is competitive, ensuring you can bring in a solid income along the way.

Business Analyst – Redwood City

If you’re looking for a temporary job that can boost your capabilities and broaden your experience, this business analyst role in the pharmaceutical/biologics sector could be an exceptional option. You’ll support a team as it develops an inventory management solution for biological materials, handling critical steps like user requirement gathering, acceptance criteria, and more.

The ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, including business analysis, project management, or relevant scientific majors. Two or more years of experience working in a laboratory or scientific setting is essential, along with strong communication, analytical, and organizational skills.

Alpha Consulting Can Help You Find Work With Top Employers In California

Ultimately, all of the positions above are available today. If you’re interested in any of these roles or would like to explore more options through employment agencies for scientists, the team at Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.