Leveraging Your Resume for Automated Screening

Few things frustrated job seekers as much as having the skills and experience required for a position but not landing any interviews with their resume. It leads to a lot of self-doubt, leaving candidates wondering what they’re doing wrong. Fortunately, the answer is sometimes simple; you’re not making it past the automated screening. When a […]

What Is the Value of Professional Certification?

Many professionals have the ability to acquire professional certifications. However, they may question whether putting in the time and effort is wise. Often, the value of a professional certification initially seems unclear, particularly if you haven’t traveled this road previously. However, most credentials of this nature provide ample value, at times in ways professionals don’t […]

How to Successfully Network in the Pharmaceutical World

Having a robust professional network can be a game-changer when you need advice or want to advance your career. It lets you maintain connections with others in the pharmaceutical industry. Potentially opening doors that would otherwise stay closed. Networking can be a complex and challenging undertaking. Especially in the pharmaceutical world. If you’re looking for […]

Re-Entering the Workforce, Painlessly

Whether you’ve been with the same company for five, ten, or more years, or you’re working to re-enter the workforce after a lengthy hiatus. The process of securing a new position can be incredibly challenging. You may be unfamiliar with today’s job search processes or hiring manager expectations, leaving you feeling unprepared. Ultimately, even if […]

How to Write a Resume: Pharmaceutical Jobs

When pharmaceutical professionals launch a job search, they sometimes underestimate the importance of their resumes. Simply attaching the same version you did the last time you applied for a job can be a major misstep. If you want to craft an attention-grabbing resume for a pharmaceutical job, here’s what you need to know.  Your resume must be honest and accurate, but it’s important that it specifically addresses the points […]

Top Skills Employers Are Looking for in a Clinical Research Scientist

The career of a clinical research scientist can be exciting. The work requires a lot of skill, and the tasks you handle are often incredibly engaging.   However, if you want to further your career, you need to make sure your skillset meets today’s employers’ expectations. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some […]