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What Is the Value of Professional Certification?

Many professionals have the ability to acquire professional certifications. However, they may question whether putting in the time and effort is wise. Often, the value of a professional certification initially seems unclear, particularly if you haven’t traveled this road previously.

However, most credentials of this nature provide ample value, at times in ways professionals don’t expect. If you’re wondering what you can gain by acquiring a professional certification, here’s what you need to know.

Furthering Knowledge in Your Field

Many certifications require more knowledge than what a professional may learn on the job. While experience can take you part of the way, you’ll typically need to study the topic further in order to pass any related exams or otherwise prove you have the proper level of expertise. As a result, going after a professional certification is a chance to further your knowledge, typically in a way that can boost your on-the-job performance.

Professional certifications are typically highly nuanced. Additionally, most reflect current trends relating to a specific field or industry. By going for a new credential, you’re embracing learning, and that can help you expand your expertise in ways you may not have realized are possible.

Plus, the resulting certification shows employers that you have the knowledge necessary to stand out in that field. It’s proof of your capabilities, something that can be hard to acquire using other means.

A Clear Commitment to Your Career

Another primary benefit of a professional certification is that it’s a clear demonstration of your commitment to your career. Acquiring a professional certification is classically done using your personal time. As a result, employers view these credentials as a sign of an employee or candidate who is passionate enough to do the work outside of business hours.

Since demonstrating enthusiasm can be a differentiator when you’re applying for a new job or trying to secure a promotion, discussing your experience relating to a new certification can separate you from the pack. It allows you to highlight your passion in a definitive way, something that may be harder for candidates that didn’t go that route.

Increased Access to Career-Boosting Opportunities

While certifications are traditionally viewed as optional, that isn’t always reflective of reality. Many leading employers view specific credentials as must-haves, even if a candidate is otherwise appropriately skilled.

If you’re seeking out new career-boosting opportunities and frequently find job openings that list a certification as a requirement, you may get passed over. It’s important to remember that many professionals do choose to acquire these credentials, so not meeting that requirement can cost you an exciting opportunity.

Ultimately, professional certifications can provide a significant amount of value, particularly if you want to further your career. If you’d like to find out more about which credentials can serve you best, or you recently acquired a new certification and want to leverage it into a new job, the team at Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.