Remote Work Skills to Highlight on Your Resume to Stand Out

Many professionals prefer remote work. The pandemic showed that it’s possible to remain productive even when outside of a traditional workplace. Plus, for some, it offers better work-life balance. If you have your sights set on remote work, showing hiring managers that you can thrive in that type of role is essential. That’s especially true […]

Have Experience But No Degree? Here’s What to do During the Hiring Process

Not every career begins with a college education. Often, professionals start in an entry-level position, work their way up in their field over time, and collect ample experience that gives them critical skills in their niche. While those professionals are highly capable, they may struggle to find a job if a college degree is a […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Technical Writing Skills

Many professionals can benefit from boosting their technical writing capabilities. In some roles, technical writing is a core part of your job, if not its entire purpose. In others, you may only be called upon to create manuals, instructions, or formal documentation occasionally, and knowing how to do it well helps you stand out from […]