Leveraging Your Resume for Automated Screening

Few things frustrated job seekers as much as having the skills and experience required for a position but not landing any interviews with their resume. It leads to a lot of self-doubt, leaving candidates wondering what they’re doing wrong. Fortunately, the answer is sometimes simple; you’re not making it past the automated screening. When a […]

Stuck in a Remote Work Cycle? Here’s Why You Should Get Back to the Office

At the start of the pandemic, many professionals found themselves suddenly working from home. The decision was primarily born of necessity, ensuring companies that weren’t authorized to open their worksites could maintain operations. Initially, many professionals did their best to adapt, even if it was challenging. Over time, this occasionally resulted in the development of […]

Career Spotlight: Project Coordinator

For many professionals, the idea of becoming a project coordinator is exciting. The role is incredibly engaging and allows you to have a sense of ownership over critical project-related tasks. Plus, you get to work closely with a project manager, increasing your visibility while acquiring skills that could help you take your career to the […]

Attention to Detail, What Is It Really?

Many job ads mention attention to detail as a must-have skill. However, many job seekers aren’t exactly sure what attention to detail refers to, making it hard for them to choose appropriate examples of their resume or hone that specific capability in preparation for a job search. If you’re getting ready to see out an […]

5 Resume Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid!

When you’re looking for a new job through an employment agency in NJ or on your own, having a high-quality resume is a must. When your application has mistakes, that’s usually a red flag to employers and could cause your resume to end up tossed in the discard pile. In many cases, common resume missteps […]