Outdated Resume Tips That May Negatively Affect Your Application

The job market is a continuously evolving space, and hiring manager expectations shift regularly. As a result, if you’re relying on outdated resume tips, it can negatively affect your application. When your resume seems antiquated, it makes you seem behind the times. Plus, it could give clues about your age. While age discrimination isn’t legal, […]

Tips to Find, and Land a Job in 2021

an African American female searching for a job on a laptop

While the COVID-19 pandemic first began to impact the job market more than a year ago, many professionals still feel its effects. In some sectors, opportunities are limited, making it harder to find positions. At times, the situation led workers to reassess their priorities, causing them to seek specific employers or roles. In either case, […]

Re-Entering the Workforce, Painlessly

Whether you’ve been with the same company for five, ten, or more years, or you’re working to re-enter the workforce after a lengthy hiatus. The process of securing a new position can be incredibly challenging. You may be unfamiliar with today’s job search processes or hiring manager expectations, leaving you feeling unprepared. Ultimately, even if […]

Stay Healthy with National Handwashing Awareness Week

Did you know the first week in December is National Handwashing Awareness Week?   And, with COVID cases spiking around the country, keeping our hands clean is one of the best lines of defense. So, get your workplace involved and have everyone brush up on their handwashing knowledge.    Why Handwashing Works  When you wash your hands, soap molecules act like crowbars. They pry dirt, oil, and germs from your skin. In addition, soap breaks down the outer membrane of many microorganisms and […]