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Tips to Find, and Land a Job in 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic first began to impact the job market more than a year ago, many professionals still feel its effects. In some sectors, opportunities are limited, making it harder to find positions. At times, the situation led workers to reassess their priorities, causing them to seek specific employers or roles.

In either case, finding and landing a job in 2021 looks different than it did in years past. Whether you’re looking for jobs on your own, through pharma placement agencies, or using any other approach, here’s what you need to know.

Determine Your Priorities

While it may be tempting to apply for any position that might remotely be a good fit, that isn’t a wise idea. Ultimately, you want to secure a role that meets your needs and boost your career, and not everything will qualify.

Before you launch your job search, spend some time assessing your priorities. Figure out what matters most to you regarding a position, employer, company culture, commute, or anything else. The idea is to identify a shortlist of must-haves, allowing you to make them the focus of your job search.

Do More Than Review the Job Ad

While job ads have a lot of information about a position, it’s important to research reviewing the position description. First, you want to learn more about typical salaries for the role in your area, allowing you to assess whether the offered compensation is competitive.

Second, you want to learn more about the company. Along with reviewing its mission and values statements on its websites and the company’s social media profiles, head to a site like Glassdoor to find reviews from current and past employees. This can help you get a better picture of the organization’s culture.

Target Your Resume Every Time

During your job search, you’re likely to apply for several opportunities. While sending the same resume to each one may be easier, it isn’t the best approach if you want to land an interview.

Instead, it would be best if you targeted your resume for each position. Look over the job ad for keywords, usually words and phrases that outline any must-have skills or experience, and make sure to include them in your resume if you can bring them to the table. This increases your odds of looking like a strong match, as well as making it past an automated screener.

Work with a Recruitment Firm

Partnering with pharma placement agencies or other recruitment firms can work wonders for your job search. Along with getting access to exceptional opportunities, you also gain job search allies who can help you identify right-fit positions, update your resume, prepare for interviews, and much more. It’s an ideal approach for increasing the efficiency of your search and may help you secure a role faster.

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