Job Spotlight: Process Engineer

Whether you’re preparing to launch your first career or are considering making a change and pursuing a new field, determining which path is best isn’t easy. There is a wide range of exciting roles available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. However, one opportunity that’s often worth exploring is process engineer. Process engineers are […]

Showing Off Your Projects on Your Resume

When writing a resume, many candidates assume that listing their work experience is the only way to showcase their capabilities. However, including personal projects on your application is an option, and it’s a smart choice if you want to highlight skills acquired through those endeavors. Ensuring you choose the right projects and list them correctly […]

Etiquette Guidelines for Business Gatherings

With the holidays on the horizon, many admin professionals are getting ready to attend a company gathering. While this isn’t the only time when administrative employees may participate in business events with social components, it’s a critical moment. Ensuring you understand the unspoken rules, general guidelines, and gathering etiquette is essential to make a good […]