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Interview Complete? See What Next Steps You Should Take

After wrapping up an interview, many job seekers wonder if there’s more they can do to increase their odds of landing the position. Ultimately, the answer is “yes,” as there are plenty of ways to boost your status as a candidate. If your interview is complete, here are some steps you should take to continue making a positive impression post-interview.

What to Do Following Your Next Interview

Ask About the Rest of the Hiring Process

As your interview wraps up – but before you head out the door – ask the hiring manager for an overview of the rest of the hiring process. See if you can learn about the overall timeline and any steps the company needs to take as the hiring manager works toward a decision, such as conducting another interview round.

Also, if you don’t have the hiring manager’s contact details yet, request them. That allows you to follow up directly with them, allowing you to avoid having to relay messages through another party.

Take Some Quick Notes

Once you make it back to your vehicle or arrive home after your interview, spend a few minutes writing down notes for anything you want to remember about the meeting or workplace. For example, tidbits about the company’s operations, how you viewed the environment, answers to any questions you asked, or questions that came to mind after the interview are worth jotting down. That way, if you end up with a second interview, you can use your notes to refresh before the next meeting.

Send a Thank You Email Within 24 Hours

After an interview, you want to send a brief thank you email within 24 hours. Along with allowing you to express your appreciation, the message shows you’re engaged and still interested, which works in your favor.

Additionally, a thank you email can be a platform for highlighting why you’re an excellent fit. While you want to keep it brief, share a new point that supports your candidacy or highlight a capability that provides the company with value.

When you wrap up the email, clarify that you’re looking forward to hearing about the next steps or the decision. Finally, make sure your full name and contact details are part of your signature, ensuring the hiring manager can connect your email with your interview and can reach out easily.

Alert Your References

If you provided the hiring manager with a list of references as the meeting drew to a close, contact each person you included and let them know to expect a call or email potentially. Give them the company’s and hiring manager’s names, ensuring they know who may contact them. Additionally, provide an overview of what was discussed during the interview, as that gives them clues about what they may be asked to discuss.

Wait Before Following Up Again

While it’s tempting to follow up again quickly, a bit of patience is necessary. You either want to wait until the deadline the hiring manager gave for a decision passes or, if no timeline was provided, about two weeks after your interview. That ensures the hiring manager doesn’t feel unduly pressured by you but still allows you to get an update if one hasn’t been provided.

Continue with Your Job Search

Even if the interview went well, you don’t want to stop your job search until you have a formal, written offer. Keep exploring opportunities to see if you can find other potential matches, and submit your application whenever you find a strong fit. That way, if you don’t land this job, you’re already heading toward others, allowing you to keep your momentum.

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