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The Importance of Proofreading Your Resume

Your resume is typically the first way a hiring manager gets to know you as a candidate. Since that’s the case, ensuring the initial impression is positive is necessary. Fortunately, getting it right isn’t as difficult as it seems. Here’s a closer look at the importance of proofreading your resume and tips to make proofreading your resume as simple as possible.

Why Proofreading Your Resume Is Essential

As mentioned above, your resume is the foundation of the first impression you make on a hiring manager, and there are consequences for mistakes. For example, poor grammar or spelling comes across as a lack of attention to detail, and that doesn’t work in your favor. Errors in your work history about your skills or experience could be viewed as intentional falsehoods, and that can cost you the job once the mistakes are discovered.

Essentially, a mistake can mean the difference between securing an interview or getting rejected. By ensuring your resume is error-free, you make sure you aren’t eliminated from contention for the next position.

How to Proofread Your Resume

Proofreading a resume isn’t overly complex but requires a little time. First, reread your resume a few times before taking any other steps. Look for issues of spelling, grammar, or overall clarity, making corrections whenever you spot a problem.

Then, make use of spelling and grammar-checking tools to catch errors you missed. As you do, don’t default to the recommended updates. While these tools often work well, not every issue it identifies may be problematic, so double-check a recommendation before making changes.

If you have time, put your resume aside for a little while and return to it later for an additional check. That allows you to view your resume with fresh eyes, which can make a difference.

After that, run your resume through a text-to-speech program. Sometimes, hearing it read out loud reveals mistakes you didn’t see, giving you a chance to correct issues.

Another option is to ask a trusted family member or friend to review your resume, as they may spot errors you overlooked. Ask them to assess your resume and alter you to any potential issues, including problems with spelling, grammar, or clarity.

Once your resume is technically correct, focus on the details. Make sure your skills and experience are accurately represented, and double-check any dates or quantifying points for correctness.

Finally, print out a copy of your resume to see how it appears on paper. Sometimes, fonts, margins, or spacing that looks appropriate on your screen make a resume hard to read once printed. While not all hiring managers print out resumes, some may, so it’s always best to make sure that your application looks good when it’s on physical paper.

Looking to Get Noticed with Your Resume? Alpha Consulting Can Help!

Ultimately, ensuring your resume is in excellent shape is critical, so take the time to proofread your resume thoroughly. If you’d like to find out more or want assistance with your job search, Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.