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Focus Items for Project Managers This Year

Anyone working in project manager jobs knows that this year is likely to be unpredictable. Economic conditions are creating uncertainty, and companies and their employees need to be ready to adapt to shifts in operations at a moment’s notice. As a result, project managers need to concentrate on specific things this year, ensuring they’re ready for whatever the future holds. Here are some areas that project managers should focus on prioritizing.

Areas of Focus for Project Managers

Bold Leadership

Today’s project managers need to be ready for boldness during the rest of this year. Unexpected changes may call for quick decision-making to keep a project on track, and the ability to continue moving forward in the face of adversity can ultimately leads to better results.

Plus, bold leadership can boost team morale, as the project manager’s confidence often gives other participants peace of mind. It can also help stakeholders remain calm, as it shows that the project manager is ready to pivot quickly when the need arises.


During tumultuous times, stress levels typically rise. Project managers need to improve their capabilities when it comes to resilience, ensuring they can remain focused even when under a significant amount of pressure.

Usually, this means combining strategic work techniques with self-care. By remaining agile at work, it’s easier to adapt to changing conditions. By also ensuring they care for their mind and body, the impact of stress is usually reduced.

Remote Management

Today, project managers are increasingly working with distributed teams instead of employees that are all in the same office. As a result, developing remote management skills is increasingly essential, as telecommuting isn’t likely to go away.

Often, effectively managing a remote team means adjusting communication techniques and taking advantage of technologies. Make sure to learn the various systems and solutions made available, set expectations for their use, and arrange for check-ins as necessary to ensure everyone is on target.

Continue Building Skills

Ultimately, skill-building is critical for success in nearly any field, including project management. Whether it’s learning about emerging systems that can simplify planning, familiarizing yourself with the technologies being developed, or honing your leadership capabilities, taking the time to grow professionally works in your favor.

With ongoing development, project managers are better equipped to meet the demands of tomorrow. Plus, it demonstrates a commitment to the field of project management, which can make it easier to move up or secure a new position if the need arises.

In many cases, it’s also wise to go further, such as by earning project management certifications. Boosting your credentials can often make you look like a stronger candidate for promotions or higher-level roles at other companies. Plus, the work and studying required to qualify can elevate your skill set and grow your experience, both of which can open doors that make having a lucrative, rewarding career easier.

Find the Role That is Best for You!

Ultimately, all of the areas above deserve attention if you’re working in project management. If you’re interested in project manager jobs that can boost your career, Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.