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Take Your Career to the Next Level – How to Demonstrate You’re Ready for More

Feeling stagnant in your current position is often frustrating, and it’s an issue the majority of professionals encounter at least once in their careers. When this happens, it usually means it’s time to take your career to the next level.

There are several ways you can show that you’re ready for more than your current job requires of you. Additionally, there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood that you’ll get an opportunity to move up. Here’s how to get started.

How to Showcase You’re Ready for Career Advancement

Identify the Next Step

Before focusing on moving forward, you must determine where you’re heading. Spend time exploring the various options.

Sometimes, taking the next step along your career path is the best choice. Usually, this is a solid option if you’re happy in your field and have acquired the necessary skills and experience to advance.

However, you may want to consider unconventional transitions. Lateral moves into an allied field could create opportunities to hone new skills that can benefit your career. Similarly, shifting into a different industry or even a full-blown career change is possibly wise if you’re disenchanted with your field or sector.

The idea is to determine which potential pathways seem viable and attractive. That ensures you can approach the situation from the right angle and with a specific goal in mind.

Speak with Your Manager

In some cases, professionals stay stagnate in their careers, not because they aren’t capable of handling the next position up the career ladder, but rather, because their manager isn’t aware they want to advance. By scheduling a meeting with your manager, you can discuss your goals regarding taking your career to the next level and request insights to make that transition possible.

By approaching the conversation in that manner, you’re enlisting your manager as an ally. You can find out if you need to hone specific capabilities to become eligible for advancement and request stretch assignments that move you in that direction. You could also see if company-provided training is available or if they can arrange job shadowing or a mentor who can assist.

Ultimately, the objective of the discussion is to make your manager aware of your desire to move up and to enlist their support. In turn, you typically get access to critical opportunities on the job that can turn your goal into reality.

Start a Job Search

At times, enlisting assistance from your manager won’t yield results. Additionally, if you want to transition to a new industry, that usually means moving to a different company. In this case, speaking with your manager may not help. In these situations, starting a job search is often the best choice, allowing you to land an opportunity that meets your needs.

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