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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out to a Life Science Recruiter

LinkedIn is the quintessential social media platform for professionals. It’s a valuable tool for discovering new opportunities. Recruiters working for individual companies, government organizations, and IT recruitment agencies alike turn to LinkedIn when seeking out qualified life sciences candidates for open positions.

Even if you’re generally happy in your current role, ensuring your LinkedIn profile is designed to stand out to life science recruiters is essential. By doing so, you’re effectively in the running for amazing positions you might overlook otherwise. It may also propel your career forward faster than you’d expect. Here are some tips to ensure your LinkedIn profile catches the eye of life science hiring managers and recruiters.

Discuss Achievements in Your Work History

When you’re outlining your work history in LinkedIn, avoid being sparse with the details. Ideally, you want to showcase some of the best of what you offered while in each position. One easy way to do that is by discussing relevant achievements in this section.

Make sure you showcase around three accomplishments per position. Additionally, target the achievements you include to the types of roles you’d like to land, making the information relevant to recruiters looking to fill your dream life science role. If you’re open to two or three potential job types, increase the number of achievements to five per position and diversify the kinds of roles they target.

Mention Skills Using Standard Keywords

Having a keyword-rich LinkedIn profile increases the odds that your page will appear in search results when recruiters are looking for candidates. Make sure you include a variety of skill-oriented keywords based on what’s relevant for the next position on your career path.

Additionally, choose standard keywords that are broadly familiar. In many cases, recruiters won’t have direct experience in your exact role or field. As a result, they may not recognize industry jargon that’s only used by professionals in your arena. If you aren’t sure what the conventional term for a capability is, research job postings that align with your current and previous roles and positions you’d be interested in, using the keywords in those job ads as a guide.

Have a Contact Option on Your Profile

Your contact information is listed in a section with visibility controls. As a result, recruiters you aren’t currently connected with may have limited options for reaching out.

While LinkedIn has an internal messaging system, having an alternative contact option available is potentially wise. If you don’t want to publish your email address or phone number, you could add a website link to a personal site that contains a contact form. With that, you don’t have to display your email address for recruiters to reach out but can reply to them in an email after receiving their message if you choose.

Listing instant messenger accounts is another option. Again, this gives you an alternative for connecting with recruiters that doesn’t involve publicly posting an email address or phone number.

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