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Explore Engineering Careers With Alpha Consulting

The world of engineering is far larger than many people expect. Within the various broad categories – such as mechanical or chemical engineering – there is a slew of specialized roles that focus on particular areas.

By understanding some of the options that exist in the engineering landscape, you can identify career paths with more potential. If you’re curious about engineering careers and whether engineer contract work is right for you. Here is an overview of some of the types of engineers.


Bioengineers take engineering principles and apply them to biological or medical processes. One of their core duties is to design and create medical devices. They also further treatment options for health conditions.

Often, these roles have a significant focus on innovation, working to develop new technologies to handle medical needs or refine existing solutions to achieve better results. Additionally, they may provide technical support for devices or systems they create, train others on proper use, gather data during testing phases, present findings, and more.

Validation Engineer

A validation engineer tests equipment and systems used in manufacturing processes. They’ll perform calibrations, conduct measurements, inspect outputs, perform quality audits, and otherwise ensure that the resulting products align with a company’s needs or client’s specifications.

Additionally, a validation engineer is typically responsible for developing quality control procedures. That ensures that others participating in that phase of production are aware of the required standards and can make sure the resulting products comply.

Process Engineer

Common in the biotechnology, chemical, and manufacturing industries, process engineers are skilled professionals who design, build, and optimize within various industrial sectors. This can include a focus on biological, chemical, or physical processes, depending on their chosen niche and employer’s needs. The goal is to ensure anything produced during manufacturing aligns with expectations and quality controls.

Tech Transfer Engineer

Tech transfer engineers oversee the transition of new innovations or inventions between two entities or groups. Within research organizations, this usually involves preparing for the sale or licensing of newly developed products. Tech transfer engineers focus on protecting intellectual property while advancing toward an innovations release to its target market. Often, they also work to secure patents, assess commercial potential, market inventions to potential licensees, secure required funding, and more.

Project Engineer

A project engineer oversees engineering or technical projects for organizations. In many ways, they’re specialized project managers with ample knowledge of the associated technical or engineering industry or field. Along with providing subject-matter expertise, project engineers are commonly responsible for budgeting, stakeholder management, timelines, scope development, and general project oversight.

Emerson Syncade Engineer

Emerson Syncade engineers have specialized knowledge relating to the Syncade manufacturing execution system (MES). The solution is widely used in life science and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, allowing organizations to centralize information and optimize production processes to ensure results.

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