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Working with a Specialized Recruiter to Find a Job in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

If you’re trying to find a new biotechnology or pharmaceutical job, working with a recruiter can be a great way to access new opportunities. Not only can they help you find roles that align with your skills, experience, needs, and preferences, but they can also offer you guidance in critical areas. Along with assisting you with your resume, they can also boost your interviewing skills.  

But it’s important that you don’t trust your career to just any recruiter; you need one who understands the nuance unique to these specialties. How can you be certain you’re choosing the right recruiter? 

Look For The Right Experience 

Just because a recruiter wants to help you doesn’t mean they are qualified to do so. The best recruiters will narrow their focus, so they can dig deep, building relationships with leading employers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. They know the hiring managers, the most in-demand skills, and the difference between what’s required, for example, in medical device as opposed to biopharma.  

When you’re looking for the right opportunity – one that can really make a difference to your career, you want someone who gets it, not someone you have to explain terminology to. 

Add Recruiters To Your Network 

Whether you’re ready to make a move or just want to keep up with what’s happening in your industry, a recruiter can be an excellent career resource. They will know what companies may be expanding and which ones may be taking on new initiatives that may be of interest to you. They can let you know about opportunities that you might never come upon on your own. 

Make The Right Match With A Recruiter 

Keeping both the employer and you happy is their top priority. They won’t recommend you for a biotechnology or pharmaceutical job unless they are confident you will excel in the role. Their reputation and their paycheck depend on it. Plus, the employer will likely take the recommendation very seriously, making it easier to get your foot in the door at specific companies.  

Choose Contract or Full Time Roles 

Working with a biotechnology or pharmaceutical recruiter gives you options. They help companies find professionals for career positions, but they also offer the flexibility of project assignments. In many cases, these jobs must be filled quickly. This means you may be able to get to work faster, avoiding any employment gaps that can have a negative impact on your career. Additionally, some employers may have less stringent hiring requirements for temporary team members, as filling the opening quickly may be the biggest priority.  

Generally, these roles won’t last forever. In fact, you aren’t even hired on with the company initially. Instead, you’re an employee of the staffing firm, and the role is considered an assignment through that agency. However, some do lead to full-time permanent positions, particularly if you shine during your time there.  

Apply for a Biotechnology Contract Position Today 

Ultimately, working with a recruiter is often beneficial. By partnering with a leader in your industry like Alpha Consulting, you can make sure your job search heads in the right direction. If you’d like to learn more, the team at Alpha Consulting can help. Contact us today.