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Alternative Careers for Dr.’s

Many people who become MDs underestimate how flexible that degree can be, often assuming that working as a doctor is their only viable option. In reality, there are alternatives to working as a traditional physician, many of which allow you to put your knowledge, training, and experience to good use. If you aren’t sure what options are available, here are a few worth exploring.  

Medical Writer  

The healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other medical industries aren’t free of documentation. There is a slew of information that has to be shared in writing, such as regulatory documents, research reports, journal articles, and more, all of which typically need to be created by a specialist.  

As an MD, you’re particularly well-equipped to shift into their field. As long as your written communication skills are strong, you can leverage your scientific knowledge to create a variety of document types.  

Medical Education Specialist  

A medical education specialist assists with the planning, designing, and administering education programs focused on medicine, health, and healthcare. They often oversee continuing education programs for healthcare professionals, though some may also work with patients, community organizations, or other entities.  

As a medical education specialist, you can leverage your knowledge and experience to create comprehensive educational programs. That makes it a great alternative to working as a physician.  

Hospital Administrator  

As an MD, you may be well-equipped to transition into a hospital administration role. You understand what it takes to operate as a physician in the healthcare sector, which employers may see as critical assets.  

However, you’ll also need a solid understanding of business and company operations. In some cases, this may be acquired during your career, though you can also choose formal education to ensure you’re up to speed.  

Medical Researcher  

In many cases, medical research positions allow you to use your hard-earned skills outside of a traditional physician-patient setting. Your primary focus will be on forwarding the medical landscape, a path that can be particularly rewarding.  

As a researcher, you may be able to head up your own projects or join an existing team. This gives you some options about how to proceed.  

Medical Consultant  

If you’re looking for a unique way to put your medical degree to work, becoming a medical consultant for a movie, television show, or similar entertainment form could be an exciting way to go. Many productions bring in doctors to help ensure that the approach to medicine portrayed in the final product is reasonably accurate.  

Additionally, medical consultants may be hired to assist with the creation of new healthcare facilities. They can apply their expertise, helping architects and engineers understand the role’s nuances, making it easier for them to determine where to place certain spaces or resources.  

We’re Hiring Medical Researchers and Writers in NJ 

Ultimately, all of the positions above are great alternatives to practicing medicine as a physician. If you’d like to find out more, the team at Alpha Consulting can help. Contact us today.