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Why Choose Temporary Work When You Really Want a Permanent Job?

Many professionals want to find a permanent job, but that doesn’t mean they should ignore temporary positions. Often, short-term roles come with many benefits, making them great opportunities for career growth and advancement. If you are wondering why you should say “yes” to a temporary job when you want a permanent one, here’s what you need to know.  

Building Experience  

If you are early in your career or trying to transition into a new field, temporary jobs can be a great way to build your experience. It gives you a chance to land a role that aligns with your larger goals with greater ease, as many companies are more willing to take a chance on someone when the position is short-term.  

Job Tryout  

With a temporary position, you have the opportunity to “try it before you buy it.” You can see if an employer is genuinely a good fit or if a specific kind of position is genuinely right for you. If it’s a match, you know that pursuing it is a smart idea. You can focus your next move on that business or that type of role, allowing you to feel confident about your choice.  

If not, you can learn from the experience and move on to something new with ease. With temporary jobs, there’s no long-term commitment. Once the position ends, you and the company can part ways seamlessly, no muss, no fuss.  


Temporary jobs provide a ton of flexibility. You can accept a series of short-term roles, take breaks between them, or pick and choose your assignments, only saying “yes” to positions that feel like a great match. In many ways, short-term jobs are an opportunity to cultivate an engaging career, giving you control that you might not get otherwise.  

Resume Boosts  

In a temporary position, you can acquire new skills and use them in the real world, making them more valuable in the eyes of future employers. Plus, you can land a reliable reference that can let the next hiring manager know that you have what it takes.  

Faster Hiring  

When a company needs to fill a short-term position, they typically need to move quickly. As a result, the hiring process might be much shorter, allowing you to start working in a role in as little as a few days instead of several weeks or months.  

Make an Impression  

If your goal is to land a position with an employer of choice that doesn’t typically have permanent openings, accepting a temporary job could be a great way to get your foot in the door. Once there, if you excel in the role, you make a positive impression on company leaders.  

Then, when a permanent opportunity comes along, they may remember your past work, making you a known entity. At times, this significantly increases the odds that they’ll hire you for that position.  

Ultimately, temporary work can be an excellent option for many professionals. If you’d like to learn more about open positions and what they can do for you, the staff at Alpha Consulting can help. Contact us today.