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Help Getting into a Help Desk Job

For many, a help desk job is an ideal option for launching an IT career. It combines technical know-how with customer services, making the work varied, and engaging. Plus, the minimum requirements aren’t as stringent as some other tech specialties, making it a strong starting point for those who don’t have a four-year degree or want to transition into IT from another field.  

If you are interested in getting a help desk job, here’s a look at the minimum requirements for landing the role.  

Education and Training  

Unlike many other IT specialties, you don’t have to have a Bachelor’s degree to land a help desk job. While some employers may require one, especially for higher-tier technical support positions, others are open to candidates with less formal education when filling entry-level positions.  

For example, they may accept candidates with a two-year degree or a certificate of completion from a vocational program. Usually, having some networking, hardware, and software-related courses under your belt is considered the minimum.  

However, at times, sufficient on-the-job training and enough know-how might substitute for the formal education requirements. Albeit, this is especially rare. However, if you’ve performed support tasks without officially being in a help desk job, it could be enough in some cases.  

If you want to boost your chances, certifications can help. For example, the CompTIA A+ Certification is a strong place to start. It shows that you have a solid tech foundation, giving you a chance to showcase your knowledge differently.  

Hard and Soft Skills  

Every job requires a combination of hard and soft skills. If your goal is to land a help desk job, you need to make sure you bring everything an employer could look for to the table.  

From a technical perspective, you need capabilities that allow you to support computer systems, mobile devices, hardware, peripherals, or software applications, depending on the role. That means prior knowledge in those areas is critical.  

Soft skills are also vital. Along with stellar customer service and communication skills, both of which are essential, you need to be an active listener. That way, you can fully understand the user’s problem, increasing the odds you can find a solution and guide them through any required processes.  

Additionally, problem-solving and troubleshooting capabilities are vital to your success. From time to time, an issue will catch you off-guard. You need to be able to locate solutions to unique problems. Otherwise, you’ll struggle in the role.  

Teamwork and collaboration are must-have capabilities, ensuring you can function as part of a larger team. Similarly, a willingness to learn is a must. Technology changes quickly, and you need to be open to updating your knowledge and skills, allowing you to keep pace.  

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