Two Paths to a Project Manager Career

Many professionals consider pursuing project manager careers. However, not all of them realize that there are two potential paths available, both of which can get you to your destination. By understanding how a person may shift into a project management position, you can determine whether one approach better applies to your career and other goals. […]

Prosci Change Management Certification

Most professionals know that having the proper certifications can make a difference in their careers. In some cases, it makes them eligible for new opportunities. In others, it puts them on the path toward more exciting projects, all while boosting their skills in key areas. However, figuring out which certifications are best for your career […]

The Career Path of a Project Manager

If you like coordinating large endeavors and leading others, a career as a project manager (PM) could be ideal. In that role, you spearhead various initiatives, ensuring that the team comes together to achieve a shared goal. Plus, with time, you can keep moving forward. If you are wondering what the career path of a […]