What Should I Do If I Miss My Interview?

Once you start searching for contract consulting positions or other kinds of jobs, you’ll have to complete interviews. That meeting with the hiring manager is a critical part of the process, giving you and them a chance to get to know one another. In most cases, professionals strive to plan ahead for their interviews. However, […]

Unnecessary Information to Leave off Your Resume – PART 2

Making sure your resume is compelling is a must. Usually, embracing brevity is your friend and focusing on highly relevant information that provides the hiring manager with the most value. By removing unnecessary points and avoiding certain missteps, you not only make your resume more enticing but also create more space to discuss details that […]

Is It OK to Lie on Your Resume?

When you’re trying to land a new job, your goal is usually to position yourself as an ideal candidate. In most cases, job seekers focus on showcasing accomplishments on their resume that align with the role. However, for some, it involves deception. Many candidates wonder if lying on a resume is actually an issue. Whether […]