Demonstrating Your Skill Set in Your Next Interview

During a job interview, being able to effectively demonstrate your value is essential. Often, that means having the ability to showcase your skill set in an enticing and relevant way. Cultivating that capability, increases your odds of impressing the hiring. Here are some tips for demonstrating your skill set in your next interview. Discuss How […]

How to Calm Your Interview Nerves

How to calm your interview nerves

Interviewing for a position is always a bit anxiety-inducing. Those feelings are completely normal, even if you’ve been on dozens of interviews before. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to calm your nerves. If they get the better of you, you might not make the best impression. In some cases, that could cost you […]

Stories of Interview Blunders

Stories of Interview blunders

Whenever candidates are interviewing for career-advancing pharmacy degree jobs or other positions, many are at least a bit nervous. As a result, the occasional stumble or misstep isn’t uncommon. While some of those moments are nothing more than a tad bit embarrassing, on occasion, they are full-blown interview blunders. With a full-scale blunder, the damage […]

Making (Non-Awkward) Eye Contact in Your Interview

A relaxed female job seeker in an interview

Most job seekers understand that eye contact is crucial during an interview. It helps you connect with the hiring manager and makes you seem more confident, both of which are important if you want to secure an offer. The issue is, figuring out how to make eye contact without it getting awkward isn’t always easy. […]

Virtual Interview Tips – Part 2

Virtual interview on a laptop

If you want to shine during your virtual interview, you need to have the right technology at your disposal. Additionally, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the applications and equipment, ensuring you can use them competently and avoid technical issues that could negatively reflect on you.   Luckily, most of the technologies used for virtual interviews […]

Leave a Virtual Interview Lasting Impression – Part 1

Woman smiling on a laptop

When you attend an interview, making a great first impression has to be a priority. However, for many professionals, virtual interviews are a new experience. As a result, they may not know precisely how to approach the situation to ensure their success.   Thankfully, many of the steps you take to prepare for a traditional interview help. By […]