Leveraging Your Resume for Automated Screening

Few things frustrated job seekers as much as having the skills and experience required for a position but not landing any interviews with their resume. It leads to a lot of self-doubt, leaving candidates wondering what they’re doing wrong. Fortunately, the answer is sometimes simple; you’re not making it past the automated screening. When a […]

Disagreeing With Coworkers? Here’s 7 Tips for Successful Collaboration

Even if you have strong relationships with your colleagues, occasional disagreements with a coworker are bound to occur. Not everyone will see eye-to-eye on everything. While that can lead to innovation, it can also cause trouble, making it hard to move forward on projects or leading to conflict, frustration, and resentment. Fortunately, conflict is navigable. […]

How to Clean Up Your Resume

As the weather heats up, many people focus on spring cleaning. While it’s common to focus on your home, desk, or other physical spaces, polishing your resume is also a smart move. If you want to stand out when applying for positions through a technical writer employment agency or another resource, you’ll want to refresh […]

How to Write a Professional Summary for Your Resume

When you’re looking for IT contracting jobs, finding ways to stand out from the crowd is essential. By having a well-written professional summary on your resume, you can separate yourself from the competition. Plus, you give the hiring manager a clear indication of your suitability as a candidate, increasing the odds that they’ll keep reading. […]

Career Spotlight: Assistant Scientist

Many people are passionate about the sciences. As a result, the idea of working in a scientific role is incredibly enticing, causing them to seek out career options that let them do what they love. One excellent option for a scientific career is assistant scientists. If you’re preparing to explore job options through employment agencies […]

How to Calm Your Interview Nerves

How to calm your interview nerves

Interviewing for a position is always a bit anxiety-inducing. Those feelings are completely normal, even if you’ve been on dozens of interviews before. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to calm your nerves. If they get the better of you, you might not make the best impression. In some cases, that could cost you […]