Resume Keywords Employers Are Looking For

Separating yourself from other candidates is essential during a job search. One way to ensure your resume stands out is through the strategic use of keywords. With keywords, you can speak to a hiring manager’s needs in a concise way, ensuring they see the value you could provide. Figuring out which keywords to use can […]

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

As the new year draws closer, job seekers often take a moment to create New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’re planning to work with pharmaceutical recruiters in Houston or manage your own job search, choosing resolutions that align with your desire for a new position can be wise. With the right resolutions, you’ll have an easier […]

Why You Should Never Fudge Your Resume

Grinning female job seeker, looking over her resume

If you’re looking for IT contract jobs or any other kind of opportunity, your resume usually needs to impress. With a strong resume, your odds of landing an interview go up dramatically. Some candidates may decide to fudge some of the details on their resume to increase their chances of catching the hiring manager’s eye. […]

How Far Back Should You Go on Your Resume?

In the early stages of your career, you usually feature all of your past jobs on your resume. However, once you cross the 10-year mark, you may start to wonder whether all of those positions are giving you an edge. This is especially true if fitting everything onto a two-page resume is becoming difficult, or not all of the jobs were […]

Getting Started in Clinical Research Monitoring

The clinical research industry offers professionals many exciting career opportunities. For those who want to get started in clinical research monitoring, securing a clinical research associate (CRA) is typically the way to go. But you can’t obtain one of those positions unless you bring the right skills and experience to the table.   Luckily, there are […]