Why You Need to Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Professional and Up-to-Date

Many professionals only worry about updating their LinkedIn profile when a job search is on the horizon. Ensuring your profile is always current is the best solution. Here’s a look at why you need to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date. Opportunities The most significant reason to keep your LinkedIn profile updated is access to job […]

Two Ways You Can Create Career Flexibility

Creating a flexible career is a common goal among professionals. However, many aren’t sure how to take their professional lives in this direction. If you’re looking for career flexibility, here are four ways to head in that direction. Make Professional Development a Priority Few strategies pave pathways for career flexibility as prioritizing professional development. When […]

Demonstrating Your Skill Set in Your Next Interview

During a job interview, being able to effectively demonstrate your value is essential. Often, that means having the ability to showcase your skill set in an enticing and relevant way. Cultivating that capability, increases your odds of impressing the hiring. Here are some tips for demonstrating your skill set in your next interview. Discuss How […]

Four Tips About Formatting When It Comes to Your Resume

When you’re preparing for a job search, ensuring your resume is on point is essential. An odd-looking resume may not be well-received, causing you to get overlooked by hiring managers. Similarly, some design choices could confuse automated resume screeners, leading to missed opportunities. Fortunately, getting the formatting right isn’t overly tricky. Here are four tips […]