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Career Spotlight: Bioprocess Associate

If you are looking for an intriguing career path in the expanding pharma world, explore becoming a bioprocess associate. These pharmaceutical professionals enjoy good pay combined with interesting work and a variety of job opportunities. It provides a helpful option for those entering the field, in addition to anyone looking for a career change.

If you are curious about embarking on a pharma career as a bioprocess associate, read further to learn about this important role. We cover the typical duties of the position as well as the required skills and experience to qualify for this position. In the end, partnering with a staffing agency like Alpha Consulting increases your chances of an offer!

Typical Job Duties of a Bioprocess Associate 

Bioprocess associates generally work in plants or other facilities used for biotechnology manufacturing. The role involves various duties related to the setup, operation, and maintenance of equipment used in biotechnology processes. It also includes cleaning of the valves, hoses, and piping used with this equipment. Expect to prepare and handle hazardous materials as part of this position.

Successful bioprocess associates also need a keen attention to detail. They regularly maintain and manage data related to their work. Timely reporting of operational statuses and any problematic incidents is another must. All told, being flexible with an ability to quickly learn new things identifies the top candidates for this role.

Bioprocess Associate: Necessary Skills and Experience 

A high school diploma or GED remains a basic requirement for any bioprocess associate position. However, some opportunities want candidates with at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Positions requiring a degree pay more than other bioprocess associate roles, so read the job description in detail.

While some positions are entry-level, others require at least a few years of experience as a bio-process associate. Entry-level roles include training and providing great options for those new to the biotech or pharma industry. Expect the leading candidates to also have experience with cGMP operations, chemistry, and microbiology.

The Typical Pay Rate of a Bioprocess Associate 

As hinted at above, the ultimate pay rate of a bioprocess associate depends on the specific role. Of course, the cost of living index for the job’s location also matters. Entry-level bioprocess associate positions typically pay around $20 per hour. However, expect to earn more than $30 per hour if you possess a college degree and over five years of experience.

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