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Leveraging Your Social Media for Job Hunting – Dos and Don’ts

The days of mailing paper résumés when looking for work now reside squarely in the 20th century. In the modern era, candidates look for interesting positions on the Internet, including social media networks. While LinkedIn remains an obvious option to find jobs, professionals also use Facebook, Instagram, and similar services.

Conducting a job search using social media requires a discerning approach. You need to ensure no embarrassing posts or photos exist on any of your accounts. Expect any recruiter to deeply research your online presence before considering you for an interview or job offer. Check out our advice to make your next job search more effective.

Build a Robust Presence on LinkedIn 

Staying active on LinkedIn and other professional social media networks simply makes it easier to find a great job. Regularly post relevant articles to your industry – either those written by others or even your own. In the latter case, your writing plays a key role in attracting hiring managers. 

Someday, you may even be considered as a thought leader in your field.

Note that a recent study showed less than 20 percent of LinkedIn users are active on a daily basis. Maintaining an active presence ultimately helps you stand out from the pack. It also offers a great chance to build a professional network, serving as a source for future job leads.

Connect with Companies Where You Want to Work

Connecting with interesting companies on social media also remains an important part of any modern job search. Being active in their forums or LinkedIn Groups helps get you noticed. Also, consider connecting with employees at these organizations. It offers a useful opportunity for networking and sharing ideas. Be sure to always keep a professional and friendly approach during any online interaction with other businesses.

Avoid Posting any Unprofessional Content on Social Media

Once again, never post anything unprofessional on any public-facing social media account. Expect hiring managers to find this content and potentially disqualify your candidacy for their open position. This includes speaking negatively about former employers, managers, and coworkers.

Also, avoid being too pushy when trying to make online professional connections. Showing disrespect ultimately reflects poorly on you and your professionalism. When inquiring about an open position, give any connection sufficient time to respond to your question. Never pester!

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