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Big Interview Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

Whether you’re looking for temp consulting jobs or permanent positions, excelling during the interview is a necessity if you’re going to land the role. Often, the interview is the most significant impression you’ll make on the hiring manager, and it can functionally make or break your chances of getting an offer.

Many big interview mistakes come with dire consequences. Fortunately, they’re also relatively simple to avoid. Here’s a look at some of the major missteps candidates make and how to ensure you don’t make those mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Interview

Being Unprepared

Generally, the biggest mistake candidates make during interviews is not arriving prepared. Struggling to answer questions that are easy to anticipate causes you to look disinterested in the position, as it comes across as not wanting to take the time to perform well.

Similarly, not researching the company in advance can cause problems, as you’ll have trouble answering questions that directly pertain to widely available information about the organization. That also makes you seem disengaged, which isn’t ideal.

Before an interview, take the time to prepare and practice answers to common interview questions. Additionally, learn as much as you can about the company’s mission, values, culture, products, and services. That ensures you can respond to any question with greater ease.

Not Arriving on Time

Few mistakes get under a hiring manager’s skin quite like tardiness. Usually, being late is considered disrespectful. Plus, it calls your time management, organization, and similar skills into question. The hiring manager may also assume that tardiness may be an ongoing issue if you’re hired.

Before your interview, spend time planning to ensure you can get to the location in a timely manner. Check local traffic conditions at the time of day you’ll be heading to the interview. Then, give yourself a healthy margin of error.

Also, account for any time required to navigate challenges relating to finding parking spaces, navigating building security, and physically reaching the spot where you check in for the interview. If you do all of that and are still behind schedule, contact the hiring manager immediately to let them know and work with them to determine if rescheduling is a must or if accommodating your lateness is possible.

Not Dressing the Part

Whether it’s dressing inappropriately for the environment and role or arriving looking disheveled, unclean, or unpolished, not dressing the part harms your chances of getting the job. A lack of proper hygiene makes a bad impression. Similarly, not choosing a suitable outfit makes you seem disinterested in the position or like you don’t understand what’s appropriate, neither of which is good.

The day before your interview, find an outfit that suits the role and workplace. Make sure it’s clean, wrinkle-free, and otherwise in excellent condition. Plan your morning to ensure you can get cleaned up and look polished.

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