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How to List Your Certifications on Your Resume

Having a polished, professional resume is essential when you’re on the hunt for temp consulting jobs. As you update that critical document, you may wonder about the best way to list your certifications, including where to add them and whether to include them at all.

Generally, it’s wise to list any relevant certification that’s current. Let the role determine which ones you include, as it’s typically best to focus on certifications that align with the duties or responsibilities associated with the position.

Additionally, skip any certifications that aren’t yet awarded or that are expired. Including certifications you don’t actually possess can seem dishonest, hurting your chances of landing the position. As a result, it’s best to stick with valid, current credentials.

Beyond that, you need to make sure you list the certifications you’ll include on your resume properly. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips.

Where to Place Certifications on Your Resume

In most cases, you have two choices when it comes to where to place your certifications on your resume. First, you can include them in a broader “Education and Training” section. Often, this is best if the certification marks the completion of a particular course, as those relate specifically to the category.

Second, you can add a separate certifications section to your resume. There are a few places you can position that section. If specific certifications are required for the job, you may want to add them below your skills section but above your work history. If the certifications aren’t listed as must-haves, then placing them under your work history – either above or below your education – could be suitable.

It’s also wise to work some certifications into your professional summary. That puts critical credentials front and center, increasing the odds that the hiring manager will notice them.

How to Write Out Your Certifications

It’s usually best to use a specific format when you list certifications on your resume. First, start with the full name of the certification, writing it out completely. If there’s a common abbreviation for the certification, you can add it in parentheses after the name.

After the name, list the certifying organization. Again, write it out first and, if they’re an associated abbreviation, include it in parentheses. Follow that up with the date you acquired the certification and its expiration date, if applicable.

Ordering Your Certifications on Your Resume

Listing your certifications in the proper order is essential. Usually, you want to place any that are listed as requirements in the job description at the top of the list. If there aren’t any must-haves in the vacancy announcement, list the most relevant one based on the job ad, proceed to the next most appropriate one, and so on. Alternatively, you can begin with the most recent acquisition if they’re all equally pertinent, working in reverse chronological order.

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