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Jobs You Can Get in Pharmaceutical Science

Before you start seeking out scientist jobs near you, it’s wise to understand what options are available. That allows you to target your search efforts, ensuring you’re focused on roles that align with your skills and interests. Plus, if you’re new to the pharmaceutical science field, it can help you see where you can take your career.

The world of pharmaceutical science is surprisingly vast, which can make it hard to figure out where to start. If you’re curious about the jobs you can get in pharmaceutical science, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Pharmaceutical Science?

Pharmaceutical science is a subindustry within the scientific sector that focuses on the development of medications and treatments for medical conditions. It can include the creation of new drugs, the optimization of existing medicines, the delivery of treatments, and other paths designed to improve medical outcomes for patients impacted by the targeted conditions.

Any position that plays a role in those scientific developments can be considered a pharmaceutical job. Similarly, certain support roles – like sales professionals and patent attorneys – can potentially qualify, even if they aren’t wholly scientific in nature.

Since that’s the case, the opportunities available in the industry are surprisingly diverse, allowing those who are focusing their careers in the field to choose options that align with their capabilities and interests with greater ease.

Jobs You Can Get in Pharmaceutical Science

As mentioned above, a number of positions fall within the broader pharmaceutical jobs category. If you’re specifically interested in pharmaceutical science, you can potentially take your career in a number of directions.

  • Regulatory specialist is one such option. In that role, your main duties are to ensure that new medications or treatments follow regulations and protocols and that clinical trials are conducted safely. You’ll coordinate with scientists to organize clinical trials, submit permits and applications, and audit facilities to ensure compliance.
  • Chemist is another pharmaceutical science role worth considering. Typically, chemists working in the sector focus on the analysis and creation of chemical compounds that may make their way into medications. Additionally, chemists may test compounds for safety and work with regulators when bringing new drugs into testing phases or to the market.
  • If you decide to become a clinical research associate, your primary duties involve assisting clinical research scientists as they conduct experiments and complete projects. Along with providing support during the creation of new medications, you may help with clinical protocol development, data collection, and quality control. Often, this position is a great stepping stone in a larger research-oriented career, giving you a strong foundation.

Ultimately, there is a wide range of positions in the pharmaceutical science industry. Each of the options above can put you on the path toward an exciting career, allowing you to play a critical role in the development of new medications and treatments.

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